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Analysis of China 's 3D Printing Industry

As the country in the policy layer of 3D printing constantly overweight, intelligent manufacturing, aerospace, medical and other fields are in the development of 3D printing technology, China 3D printing industry is about to take off. In China, the distribution of 3D printing industry to Beijing and Tianjin as the representative of the most potential in North China is expected to lead the country.

The State Council issued the "13th Five-Year Plan of National Science and Technology Innovation" signed and approved by Premier Li Keqiang, which clearly put forward the guiding ideology, general requirements, strategic tasks and reform measures of the national scientific and technological innovation in the next five years. 2025 and 3D printing (by material manufacturing). For example, in Chapter 4, Article 2, Article 3, Science and Technology Innovation 2030 - Major Projects: Smart Manufacturing and Robots. (3D) printing and other equipment, to lay a solid foundation for the protection of manufacturing capacity, to build a network of collaborative manufacturing platform, research and development of intelligent robots, high-end complete sets of equipment, 3D (3D) printing equipment, intelligent, efficient, collaborative, green and safe development. In the fifth chapter of the third development of intelligent green service manufacturing technology and Article 10 mentioned: the development of robots, intelligent perception, intelligent control, micro-nano manufacturing, complex manufacturing systems and other key technologies, the development of major intelligent equipment, optoelectronic manufacturing equipment , Intelligent robots, by material manufacturing, laser pointer manufacturing and other key equipment and technology to promote the intelligent development of manufacturing.

In the manufacture of high-performance materials: to carry out high-performance metal structure laser material manufacturing control and other basic theoretical research, capture high efficiency and high precision laser material manufacturing cladding nozzle and other core components, research and development of metal, non-metallic and biological printing of typical process equipment , To build a relatively perfect material manufacturing technology innovation and research and development system.

According to Prospective Industry Research Institute statistics, 2015 global 3D printing industry market size reached 5.165 billion US dollars, the annual compound growth rate of more than 30%. Agency is expected, the global 3D printing market is showing rapid growth, by 2018, the market size will be more than 11 billion US dollars. 2012 China 3D print market size of about 1 billion yuan in 2013 doubled to 20 billion yuan. China's 3D printing market in 2015 reached 7.8 billion, the annual compound growth rate of nearly 70%. Expected to 2018, China's 3D printing market size will be more than 20 billion yuan.

In fact, although China's 3D printing industry has national policy support and rapid development, but in fact the industrialization is still in its infancy. 3D printing applications in China is still mainly stay in the research stage, did not realize the industrial and personal consumption in the field of large-scale promotion. In addition, the development of China's 3D printing market layout also presents the trend of regional imbalance. Since 2000, China began to get involved in the field of 3D printing, after more than ten years of industry accumulation, China's 3D printing industry is now gradually formed in coastal cities, led by the East China 3D printing industry development center, represented by Beijing and Tianjin, 3D printing industry development center in North China And Guangdong as the representative of the South China 3D Printing Industry Development Center, as well as central, southwest, northeast, northwest and other fragmented development area. Among them, the East China and North China two development centers occupy 60% of the domestic market share, while the Beijing and Tianjin as the representative of the North China Development Center in recent years leading trend, the future or will dominate the Chinese 3D printing market.

To Tianjin, for example, 3D printing industry in Tianjin Intelligent Manufacturing Science and Technology major projects to support the major projects, and has nearly 10 years of development history. At present, Tianjin has a certain foundation in 3D printing materials, green laser pointer cladding, light-curing rapid prototyping complete sets of equipment and technology, etc. Its overall size of 3D printing industry is close to 500 million yuan.