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Laser Engraving

Imagine, 100 years ago today, the hustle and bustle of the market was surrounded by two people, one is holding the knife, a hand-held burning laser pointer engraving machine, cheering together, knife and light at the same time aligned a piece of flat wood, The same graphics, the time comes, the results of laser engraving machine victory. From the laser era was opened!

laser pointer

Laser engraving process is the use of numerical control technology to laser processing medium, making the processing of materials under the laser irradiation instantaneous melting and gasification of the physical denaturation, to process the purpose. No contact with the material surface, free from mechanical movement, the surface of the material will not be deformed, generally do not need to be fixed. From the flexibility of the material, the impact of flexibility to facilitate the soft material. Processing high precision, fast, wide range of applications. And the high power laser pointer can not only on the surface of a variety of fabrics, leather, synthetic materials, personalized laser engraving drilling processing, but also professional custom tailoring models, so that cutting and carving, marking process in the same device to complete, Processing efficiency, improve the value-added products.

Every time there is always a group of people, they chase the speed, chasing the extreme. The laser technology to promote sculpture technology reform, and constantly challenge the limits of time and style. The use of laser engraving, just as the use of computers and printers to print on paper. The only difference is that printing is the toner coated paper, and laser engraving is the laser irradiation on wood products, acrylic, metal plates and other materials, so that the graphics in an instant!

green laser pointer

LEXUS Lexus engineers through a number of careful steps, high-quality wood into thin slices, high-precision grinding through the aluminum plate and wood as one, and then electronically controlled 100mw laser pointer ablation of wood surface, light, the wood as a gray , Blooming a gorgeous metal texture, engraved under the new Lexus RX unique artistic taste.