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High Power Laser Pointer

For the metal processing wavelength for the infrared band, in order to expect high-power high-calorie to work on the processing of metal, but its infrared or visible light is usually generated by high-brightness local heating of the material gasification, melting way to process. But this heat will lead to the high power laser effect of the surrounding area of ​​the material affected or even destroyed, thus limiting the processing edge quality and industrial applications. The UV laser is a short-wavelength high-energy photon laser, the role of the material is a direct destruction of the atomic components of the chemical bonds, without heat, so the general UV laser processing known as "cold" processing.

Of course, in the femtosecond time scale, it is impossible to observe the change of the energy state of electrons directly. Therefore, the scientists by measuring the material to reflect the change in light to achieve the purpose of indirect observation - first with high-power laser pulse irradiation material, causing the material state changes, lag after a period of time after the launch of a weak laser pulse and the reflected light measurement. The energy of the first strong laser will quickly heat the material, while the reflection of the photon changes. And when the material begins to cool, the reflection begins to move closer to the normal value. Therefore, scientists can according to the reflected light to infer the dynamic state of the material changes. When the weak red laser pointer irradiation material, the material surface of some of the electrons will be ejected, scientists use electron microscopy to collect these electrons and the formation of images. In the case of weak laser irradiation, these electrons will gradually accumulate and eventually form a photo that reflects the electron distribution inside the material.

green laser pointer

UV laser applications in the rise of smart phones, but also gradually have the development of space. In the past because the phone is not much function, and the high cost of laser processing, laser processing in the mobile phone market occupies the status is not much, but now the smart phone function, integration is high, in a limited space to integrate the number Ten kinds of sensors and hundreds of functional devices, and the high cost of components, so for precision, yield and processing requirements are greatly increased, UV laser in the mobile phone industry to develop a variety of applications.

Ceramics in the history of mankind has always occupied an important role, from daily necessities, decorative supplies to industrial applications, can see its footprint. In addition to the traditional ceramic processing technology, ceramic processing is also due to the increase in the number of applications, and then enter the use of ceramic processing technology, the use of ceramic materials, The field of burning laser pointer processing. According to the type of ceramic materials can be divided into functional ceramics, structural ceramics and bioceramics. Can be used for processing ceramic laser CO2 laser, YAG laser, green laser, etc., but with the components gradually miniaturization, and YAG laser or fiber laser processing has been unable to meet its requirements, so UV laser processing to become the necessary processing methods, He can be a variety of ceramic processing.

In recent years, high-power high-beam quality of the laser in the line of materials processing industry applications have been rapid development, a wide range of lasers: different structures are divided into gas laser, solid laser, fiber laser, semiconductor 5mw laser pointer materials to support the mainstream of the processing industry; From far infrared to deep ultraviolet can cover (200nm ~ 20um), different industries will also use a different power range, different beam quality, different laser output and so on. In order to reduce the thermal effect in the field of processing thin film non-metallic materials, semiconductor wafer cutting, plexiglass cutting, drilling, marking and other fields, it is hoped that the small aperture effect and the high peak power, the role and position of the ultraviolet laser is so good and not alternative.